How to create your own book

I will not explain to you here what theme to choose

for your book, how you should write it, encourage you

to write it, or how many chapters you should divide it,

because those who want to sell you the course tell

you how to finally create your digital book, step by

step , As if it were the world's greatest kept secret.

I guess you already chose the topic and you know

how to finish it, or write the INDEX that starts with the

INTRODUCTION, and develop each topic until the

final RESUME.

You only have to follow two essential steps:
ONE: Write your book in Word (WordPad, Block of Notes, etc.) and
​TWO: Convert it to PDF with the program DOC to PDF Converter . That's the most important thing you should know!

Now, there are about 20 non-essential steps that you should keep in mind: a good spelling, test your subject in where they publish it for free, seek the opinion of a friend, correct or improve it constantly, Educate you to become an expert on the subject, etc. Once your book is ready, get a good cover sheet, because a good book with a poor paste is just like a poor book with a good cover.

Finally PROMOTE your book in any digital gallery, such as Clickbank, Adswords, eBay, etc. or in a blog of its own, and in short, that's it.

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Choose the characteristics of the image. The basic features would be that it had JPG (ideal for photography) or PNG format (if generated from vector or graphic illustrations). The size should not exceed 1000px, neither in height nor in width; This measure is more than enough for almost all reading devices (except for some tablets), so it is not advisable to add more weight to the file with larger images. The resolution, yes, should be 300ppp.
Define styles for the cover page. For this we create an xhtml file that will contain only our cover image (we will call it "cover.html"). The code will be very simple, since we only want it to contain the image file and display it appropriately:

<Div> <img title = "" style = "height: 100%;" Src = "images / port.jpg" alt = "Book name" /> </ div>

With this code we get the image to be centered with text-align: center and that occupy the height of the screen (and resize) with height: 100%.
Define the image in the OPF file. We have to insert some lines in our OPF file so that both the xhtml file containing the cover and the image file are present. We will do it with these definitions in the section:
The id that we assign is important, since we must repeat it a little lower, in the section:
The linear attribute = "no" informs that the cover is not part of the natural reading order, even though it is present in the book.
In addition, you must add another line in the block of the OPF file. It is imperative to use the name = "cover" attribute to define that the element is the cover of the book and that it is an image:
Finally, we'll add a bit more code in the section to help some systems display the image as a cover when needed (as with Apple iBookStore):
Following these steps we will have a cover that will work perfectly in any reading device and that will adapt to any size of screen How to Make Book Cover Using MS Word How to make a book cover with MS Word How to Create a Great Book Cover

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